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Pitch shifter

DamiVoice is a pitch bending and mangling effect plugin that lets you transform any sound source into a new sonic adventure. Whether you want to create subtle harmonies, dramatic pitch shifts, or futuristic soundscapes, DamiVoice gives you the power and flexibility to do it all.

Please watch the YouTube video below for more detail.


DamiVoice works by delay buffer technic the incoming audio into small bits and playing them back at different speeds and pitches. You can control the shape, and density, as well as the direction of the pitch bending.

With DamiVoice, you can create surreal sounds, from natural to synthetic, from organic to alien. You can use DamiVoice as a creative tool, a sound design tool, or a fun toy. The possibilities are endless.

It is easy to use, yet powerful and versatile. If you are looking for a pitch bending audio plugin that can do it all, look no further than DamiVoice. Download it today and unleash your creativity.

-pitch shifting (+/-2 octave)
-3modes (Iteration/Feedback/Ripple)
-Feedback signal amount control at Feebback mode
-Roughness control at Iteration mode

It is available as a 64-bit VST3 plugin for Windows, and AU / VST3 for MacOS (Supports both Intel base and Apple Silicon Native)


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DamiVoice (Ver1.2.10)
-Updated activation algorism.

DamiVoice (Ver1.2.1)
-Bug fixed

DamiVoice (Ver1.1.31)
-Bug fixed

DamiVoice (Ver1.1.30)
-Pitch bending and mangling effect for any sound source!
-VST3 Plug-in for windows (64bit).
-AU and VST3 Plug-in for macOS (64bit). (NEW update !)

Change log(v1.1.30)
-Added mac AU and VST3 with Apple Silicone native!
-Implemented protection system
-Added texture mode switch(smooth , quantize)