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Creative reverb effect
Introducing EMO – The Creative Reverb Plugin on steroid
⚡Intuitive and creative Reverb: EMO is a powerful reverb plugin that offers both classic and creative reverb sounds.
❤Clean and Rich: With a intuitive and pop interface, EMO makes it easy to create your own creative reverb sound.
◎Rythmic  effects on reverb: EMO offers rythmic ducking effect which synchronize to host BPM for upto 4 bars, with multiple wave forms(sine,square,triangle,saw,pulse,random).
✖Pitch shifting on reverb: seamless pitch shifting effect with ease to lead you to another world allowing you to shift by semitones with -2 to +2 octoves.
☆High quality Reverb algorythm integrated, which generates creamy and lush reverb sounds.

-pitch shifting
-rhythmic ducking sync with host BPM
-rich and rush reverb engine with endless reverberations duration
-multi wave forms selection for ducking and panning shape
-hipass and lowpass filter
-2 types of signal display mode
And much more!!

It is available as a 64-bit VST3 plugin for Windows, and AU / VST3 for MacOS (Supports both Intel base and Apple Silicon Native)


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Looking for a cutting edge reverb plugin? Look no further! Here is the powerful reverb processor that offers both lush and creative reverb algorithms.
This reverb plugin allows you to shift individual elements within a complex texture, making it a great option for changing the pitch of the reverb sound!
EMO (Ver1.1.4)
-Updated activation algorism.